How to Join

UPDATED FOR 2022: Venturers range in age from 14 to under 21. Crew members between the ages of 18 and 21 must register as adults and consent to a background check by the Boy Scouts of America. This page gives you the details. If you are ready to join, click on the "Register Now" button.

Who can be a Venturer in Crew 128? Do I have to be a Scout in Troop 128?

Crew 128 Venturers may range in age from 14 to 20 (i.e., under 21). A mature 13 and 1/2 half year old in 9th grade may also join. It is not necessary to have any Scouting experience, or be a member of Troop 128. Scouts in other troops are welcome to join as well.

Can both boys and girls join Crew 128?

Yes! Crew 128 co-ed.

What is a "Primary Unit" and why are there different prices?

The BSA charges membership fees only once a year, and the price does not increase if a member joins more than one unit. Since some members belong to more than one unit (like both a troop and a crew), the BSA relies on the "primary unit" to collect those fees. The designation of a primary unit is up to the member, but Crew 128 needs five Venturers who consider it to be their primary unit.

Are there other costs?

The Crew approved bylaws that require additional dues of $20 per year (paid quarterly in $5 installments), which is collected by the crew Treasurer. Some events may also require some costs sharing, the payment of an event registration fee, or a transportation fee. For example, a Venturer attending a camping trip might need to pay for his share of food and gas money.

What if I join sometime between January and December?

The BSA prorates the registration fee based on the number of months left in the calendar year.

What if I have questions?

You can ask by sending an email to membership-at-crew128 dot org.

Special Requirements for Members 18 and Over

Venturers who turn 18 while in the program, and any new members 18 or over, must complete the BSA's online Youth Protection Training (YPT) and agree to submit to a background check. For new members, the online registration system will walk you through the process.

For returning Venturers who will soon be 18, please use this link-- Youth Protection Training-- to take the training. You should log in using an account associated with your current BSA ID if you already are registered in Scouting.

Online Registration

Crew 128 uses the BSA's online registration system. The website allows users to join Crew 128 and pay the required registration fees charged by the national organization. Unit fees will be collected separately.

(Note: If you have trouble with the link, please send a note to