Hiking the Catoctin Mountains

June 2021 - Catoctin Mountain Park

Several Venturers from Crew 128 organized a moderate but very rewarding hike in the Catoctin Mountains of Central Maryland. This circuit hike included trails in both the Catoctin Mountain (National) Park, and Cunningham Falls State Park.

The hike was a great way to spend an afternoon in early summer. On the nine mile loop, they ascended several mountains as they visited the Thurmont Overlook to the north, the Chimney Rock Overlook in the east, and Cat Rock toward the south. Along the way they retraced the steps of Troop 128 Scouts (some are now Crew 128 Venturers!) who rescued a fellow hiker with a shattered ankle on the Misery Trail a few years ago. They also saw wildlife, like a five-stripe skink.

Not surprising for Crew 128, after the hike, they enjoyed refreshing milkshakes on the way home.

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